Configuring Reverse Proxy with Synology DSM

There comes a time when your network is sometimes setup so your Synology Disk Station Manager uses Port 80/443 to host the websites ran directly from your Synology. But, sometimes you may have a separate internal website that you would like to be accessible from port 80. For instance, you may have a private web page setup on a Raspberry Pi or a separate development server.

Fortunately, the latest versions of Synology DSM make this easy.

How to configure Reverse Proxy settings with Synology DSM

  1. Control Panel > Application Portal > Reverse Proxy

  1. Click Create and in the window that appears, fill in the description field.
  2. Then, under Source, select the protocol for your website HTTP or HTTPS
  3. Fill in the Hostname of your internal website (i.e.
  4. Fill in the port – i.e. 80.
  5. Next under Destination – Select the protocol, the internal IP address of your web server and the port.
  6. Now, from a separate internet connection, provide is pointing your your Synology’s External IP – Your website should load up.