Unifi and UNMS on the one Computer

So, I’ve got a Debian NAS that had some spare resources – So, I thought I would migrate over my Unifi and UNMS systems.

The OS I used for this setup was Debian 10 – With no additionall repositries – Just Samba, DNSMASQ for TFTP and Apache.

To do this I simply followed the installation script here:

UniFi Installation Scripts – community.ui.com.

After this I installed UNMS and changed the ports to ports that were out of the range of my existing services (Apache) and did the following:

curl -fsSL https://unms.com/v1/install > /tmp/unms_inst.sh && sudo bash /tmp/unms_inst.sh --http-port 9080 --https-port 9443

After both commands both Unifi and UNMS were ableto be setup – Pain free.

After a reboot both services resumed and functioned as normal – After which I imported my UNMS system from the UNMSApp.